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Inoxol™ – a range of semi-synthetic lubricants for drawing stainless steel wire

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Inoxol™ is a range of high-performance lubricants, specifically designed for the wet drawing of stainless steel wire. The unique features of the Inoxol™ range allow our clients to produce consistently bright wire combined with extremely high die life. The range is designed to draw wire from 3.0mm down to 0.1mm.


Features and benefits

  • Provides optimum boundary lubrication to provide outstanding surface finish on drawn wire.
  • Contains a high level of anti-wear additives to ensure maximum protection to wire dies and drawing cones.
  • Excellent resistance to thermal and oxidative degradation extends service life.
  • Low viscosity aids separation of stainless steel fines and pumpability.

The Inoxol™ Range

Inoxol™ 1711

Inoxol™ 1711 is a premium grade, high-performance drawing oil for fine steel wire (2.0–0.1mm). The product contains the very latest synthetic additives to improve lubricating film strength and provides outstanding extreme pressure and anti-wear properties. This next generation product puts a greater onus on lubrication at lower temperatures as well as having extreme pressure/temperature additives, this results in excellent drawing performance and can significantly extend die life.

Inoxol™ 1711 also contains special additives to minimise thermal and oxidative degradation of the oil, extending the service life, reducing both the quantity of oil consumed and the cost of waste oil disposal. The improved lubricity benefits provided by these additives will also produce an exceptionally bright surface finish.

Inoxol™ 9000

Inoxol™ 9000 is a premium grade, high-performance drawing oil for medium-fine steel wire (3.0–0.5mm). Inoxol™ 9000 is based on the finest quality raw materials and gives high levels of boundary and extreme pressure lubrication. Inoxol™ 9000 is high viscosity for better lubrication at high temperatures.

Inoxol™ 9000 can be used as supplied for medium-fine wire or can be used in conjunction with Inoxol™ 1711 to act as a performance booster.

FCCU (FILTERMET Centrifugal Cleaning Unit)

Filtration of metal particles to extend the working life of the oil and improve the performance of the lubricant.

Download the Inoxol™ Product Range Sheet »

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